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tv   FOX 13 600 News  FOX  February 24, 2016 6:00pm-7:00pm EST

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save lives. good evening and welcome. >> i'm mark wilson. >> i'm kelly ring, we have a developing story to tell you about right now. it involve as story that unfolded this afternoon of a stolen car and this boy who was believed to be missing. it was believed to be stolen from a home in clearwater and later crashed on u.s. 19 just south of kerlew road. evan that boy was never really missing at all, was he? >> reporter: well, no. he wasn't. right now, kelly i have been told that there are two suspects inside clearwater police headquarters right now being interviewed by the police. >> this was a cover for a drug transaction, the mother told police she left the car
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she came back to her car, she found the car was gone and the i boy was still in it. take a look here. this police finding the boy. add he is at his daycare. time. here is video of the boy being taken by police officers into a cruiser. the mother put out the alert at 1:30. police tracked the car on gps from the avenue. sometimes it was going the wrong way. that's where the car crashed there at u.s. 19. the person in the car said he had no idea about a child because there never was one. >> through resources were were able to ascertain that the mother had provided a false story.
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indicated that the child was at daycare. we verified he is safe and sound. we're thankful for that. >> two people are under arrest the mother and her boyfriend. we believe that's who are here now being interviewed by the detectives here. there was a third person driving. they will be charged with fleeing and eluding: we'll see if that is a fit home for the boy to be involved with. kelly, the good news the boy is okay. he never was in any danger. >> thank goodness, evan axelbank oring for us. >> let's get to the weather ahead of a front that moved through the area overnight. look at this. this is a funnel cloud just southeast of fort meade. it was a different story further
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as kimberly kuizon shows you it caused quite a bit of damage. this is at neighbors are now working to help one another to clean up after the tornado touched down. it has within minutes of storm alerts going off on the phones. my dad said we have to go. we went into a closet. haley fox was getting ready to go to classes when they are dad, a deputy, grabbed her. >> the house did shake, i think it happen sod fast i could not process what was happening like you heard the gust of wind and when you looked out. you could not see anything. it was dray, the exterior of the home was damaged. some in dress clothes to help their family, others realized how lucky they were. >> the wind came up howling bad. i told my husband i said get on that side and get that closed. i closed this window. we had to hold the shutters they
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we got them closed so we would have lost our ands. >> the tornado ripped through before 2. elsewhere in charlotte county a bank building was damaged. we got out of the way of the windows and into the safe room. >> pieces could be spotted. everyone was okay but shaken. >> you heard a lot of things rattling. the wind is blowing strong and the trees looked like they would blow into the grass. >> it brings back bad memories for. who question what will they do. >> we're too old to redo it. we went through it with charlie. we cannot do it again. >> they were fixing the lines. as of now we're told there have been no injuries in charlotte county. kimberly kuizon, fox 13 news. >> the governor got a look at the damage the twister left in pensacola. they damaged 70 homes and residents in the panhandle without power.
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get things back to normal. >> moms and dads say their children's own bus is making them late to school. constantly. and late coming home sometimes by an hour. >> and it's not just once or twice. the district says it is a shortage of suns duty drivers. and evan lambert has been getting answers for parents today. what did you find out, evan? >> reporter: the district said today after the questions, this very rearranged at miles bus stop. and this was not just an isolated problem. >> and this angers me. and she has a list of things she thinks are wrong with the route, she is late to school and experienced her not coming home in a timely fashion in the afternoon.
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the bus has been repeatedly late to the stop off nebraska avenue for more than two months. and not by a few minutes. sometimes her 9-year-old does not get to school until well after the bell rings at 7:45. >> when a bus is coming in latedy that is routing. that is traffic. sometimes it is weather. now it is flu season. >> and a cluster of flu cases has contributed to the delays at the miles stop as well as delays on routes in carolwood. the county has worked hard to fight off a shortage for the last few years upping the starting pay to 12.71 and buying buses. now there are 1040 drivers. the problem you now is a shortage of drivers when they call in sick. but parents say that does not plain the consistent tardiness months long. >> it is 30 minutes here and
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>> would you agree that it is unacceptable for a student to be waiting 30 minutes by themselves at the bus stop. >> unacceptable to be 30 minutes late to school. >> absolutely. >> and the district told me this had supervisors out at miles elementary today making sure the buses left on time. we are at a stop and the bus came closer to on time about ten minutes late this time. the district is seeking applications for drivers. kelly. >> thank you, evan. an investigators say he is a real rife monster who killed the mother of his win girls on halloween night. prosecutors announced a decision in the trial of darryl williams. gloria gomez is here with more. >> reporter: prosecutors will seek the death penalty. it was last halloween that darryl williams is accused of shooting his ex-girlfriend in front of their twin girls they
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they had a history of accusations of abuse and now prosecutors are seeking death believes that williams acted with a depraved mind. with the death pep alty in limbo we wonder if it complicates the case at all. >> they is seek it when it gets to that if there is one at that point in time we can come to a decision how we are going to recommend or how we'll sentence the persons to death. but nothing in the case said it was unconstitutional. unconstitutional. >> williams is back in court in the charges. we will continue to follow the case very closely. back to you. >> thank you for that. and downtown st. pete could be a free wi-fi hot spot next week. and williams park is under out
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there is a campus and the student body and workers on break may spend time in the park. >> i would use it over there. that would give me quiet time and get more done. >> and the it could be similar to the river walkselves. >> and in the middle of joaquin four coast guards men were honored. what a day. >> busy for sure. the good news is that the squall line is now moving away. and to the south. and you look outside. and there are signs of things to come. a few breaks in the overcast and sunshine, we have a good 7-day forecast in a moment.
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>> as you know at the end of the week, chip cart ser retiring after 28 years at the station. that's hard to say. what very a lot of things planned. >> through the news cast we'll show you some of the promos he has done and charming and fun just like he is. take a look. >> 30 seconds to air. what is wrong with this chair. >> he lost a wheel.
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>> 15 seconds. ((mark-vo-)) dramatic video just released from the individual grow released from the coast guard you, four heroes rescue stranded boaters. >> those men were awarded one of the highest honors. we have details. >> and the guardsmen were awarded at the air station clearwater it was in october between the cuba and haiti t is caught on camera. here is a view of the mission.
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coast guard was called out to rescue 12 mariners during the middle of joaquin after their freighter started sinking. they jumped ship. the crew is hovering dropping a swimmer down to rescue the boaters in the ripping wind and choppy waters. and the guardsmen were awarded the air med ideal for their heroic work. , we can never emulate the high seas this crew put on their game face. the mission took ten hours to
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anjuli davis, fox 13 news. , we watched the rain come in it shifted south of us. and a bunch of days. a good 7 day. >> there was a time there in december this is el nino. when the calendar flipped to 2016 the pattern changed. we went from the ridge in the east to the trough and the jet. .83 in the rain bucket 2.53 through the 24th the year
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this is the midst of the dry season we have more coming up. there will be another coming over the gulf and another event a number of days in a row above average not by that much. the high is 74. are you one above a few above today. and starting tomorrow ending the month a lot of blue days on the way as cool air heads our way. we're tracking it. and on good day. and jim webber and were on. we had two confirmed. one was in duette. and0 mosaic had a confirmation of a tornado that just kind of no damage. that was not the case in
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deep creek subdivision. some of the storms moved in from the gulf. >> the winds come in all that is left is a strip. raining in fort myers. and west palm that heads that way. what a bad day. this is the coastal plain. >> look at all the warnings. here is one. here is one. and virginia.
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>> this is bad weather. and it stays locked in. right now we have 60s and the dew point is dropping the winds have shifted to the northwest behind the front. gusty not a good boating day with a wind. breezy now we drop into the 50s. in the 40s. and the dew point is 56. tonight 40s and 50s. you talk about mid-to-upper 60s. the forecast clearing breezy and cooler. we're down to 52. cooler in the 60s. cool.
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i think 7 to ten days out. and more rain on the way. >> and the combine is up and running a big job for the nfl. how much does a good interview help a player get drafted. jason licht gets the answer. and we'll hear from the head coach and the important thing he that's next. interviews. i have seen you for years, when do you graduate. >> are you a boy or a girl lightning bug. chip carter asking the tough questions.
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3 3 head the gm and coach at the combine in indianapolis. the nfl version of a job fair and a lot of details for players
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now jason licht is looking at running backs if he cannot resign doug martin. he wants 8 million. that's for a back who struggled before his record setting year. he is worth 8 million if he puts those years back to back to back. >> the bucs have a ton of interviews and the one on one moments are critical. >> , here is the deal. it is a big job interview. the gms know it. certainly know it. and the combine is a chance for a player to make that first impression get on the radar and line up a job. that is training for the field work coaching for the interview sessions.
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interviews likemost of us getting our jobs, we were etch coulded up how to interview. can you tell when he is genuine. you look for humility and sense of humor. and owning up to makes which most have. it is a feel between yourself and myself and coach and whoever is doings interviewing together. they worked it well. you cannot work a draft better than jason licht. >> what is going on here? >> there is a rumor are you retiring. >> it's a career on friday. >> how are you. >> did you get fired.
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>> a lot of money. >> we love you, what are you going to do. >> i have a picture of your kids. >> thank you, we caught the same fish. i'm getting off the grid and taking it easy. >> seeing what life is like on the other side for a while. >> outside without tv. >> we brought you some sorting gifts the visor. >> a banana t-shirt. we have all kinds of gear for you. >> thanks, we'll miss you, i will miss you. >> what a treat. >> i have known you since knoxville, tennessee. >> how many coaches have you lasted through here. >> you would have thought they would hire me. they are going to to the next guy, going back to new hampshire and chilling out for a while. the wife's family is up there and do hiking and camping. and watching football, watching it,.
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secret for a long time. blow the secret. this is a big deal. >> you did a good job. >> we tried. >> i speak for everyone out there, we love you and fox 13, kelly we have been watching you for years whoever replaces you, some big shoes to fill. >> coach, i appreciate that. >> great friend. >> thank you. >> good luck. >> definitely. >> cindy thank you. >> , what very a spot to fill next week. >> i'll filling out the application. >> she is like no. >> not ready for gruden qb camp. he can help me out, i would love to do that. >> thank you. >> thank you, we know what he will be doing off the grid. >> when i heard the voice i said really? [ laughter ] >> are you retiring. i don't. >> how old are you. >> 58. >> you don't look it, thanks, man. >> in dog years i need to get off the set. >> all right.
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>> my gosh thank you, we'll be
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3 ((kelly)) the 20-16 presidential race is heating up once the 2016 race is heating up again. super tuesday less than a week
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delegates are up for grabs. and tonight some political observers are suggesting after last night. >> we love nevada. we're winning winning winning. >> taking a victory lap after winning with 45% of the vote. and marco rubio and ted cruz coming in 20 points behind in second and third place. >> almost every slice of the pie favoring trump and the young, old. highly educated, poorly and hispanics, we had an exciting evening lastnight. one of the things that made me happen. we won with evangelicals. >> it is becoming a problem for the competitors, his 80 delegates five times as many as ted cruz. heading into the super tuesday primaries followed byes winner takes all states of florida and
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too late to catch the candidate so many failed to take seriously early on. >> the question is not about trump. >> and he needs things to stay the same. >> and he is keeping his eye on the prize, we feel great. >> and bernie sanders is playing catch up by double digits out from the palmetto state primary. >> we're gaining moment yum every day. >> and picking up the encorsment and the leader harry reid.
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state and right now. and clear politics average of all the polls show at 32% and trump with 27 and marco rubio and kasich. the president outlines what he is looking for in his nominee. the president said that he will make his choice in the coming weeks. >> he is looking for a person with a sterling record and understanding of the way the world looks. >> and they will block a nominee but it is his job. >> and i nominate candidates for the supreme court when there is a vacancy. >> it is advise and consent. >> republicans believe it should be up to the next president to actually decide. and now to guantanamo bay.
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the battle over closing guantanamo bay and the base that we have there is heating up on captiol hill. the president wants to shut down the place. it is the prisoner transfer that the inmates are coming to the u.s. and the republicans will block the plan here. but as we now report the white house is still moving forward. >> the president's plan to close the detention facility in guantanamo is sparking a political back and forth. most republicans rejecting the proposal, which would see some detainees sent aprod and the others transferred to prisons. but that's easier said than done with the law in the books prohibiting the transfers. paul ryan warning the president today that congress is making legal preparations in case the law is violated. >> he should rule out asking the military leaders to knowingly
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the attorney-general arguing in favor of the closure saying it will increase america's counter terror capabilities by putting the resources where they are needed most. but she admits assisting in the transfer of the detainees to the soil would be illegal. even under an executive order. >> you will not take any action of any kind to assist in the detainees in the u.s. >> that will be prohibited from doing so. >> the white house is not commenting on the legal battle but it is moving forward with the proposal. calling on congress to set aside differences and put security ahead of politics. >> this is the basic work that the constitution and the american people expect of the united states senate. >> under the president's plan a third of the 91 remaining detainees will be transferred to other countries and the remaining 60 or so would end up
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peter doocey. >> there are 13 locations being considered now including one in colorado and then another in south carolina. >> authorities in colorado are investigating a shooting that left one deputy dead and two others injured. it was at a hillside home in bailey as the deputies were serving a notice. officials say the shooter fired at the dependties with a rifle. one had life threatening injuries and undergoing surgery bad. and deputies returned fire killing the shooter a bomb squad was called to the scene. authorities say there is no danger to the community. >> and the kennedy cousin who killed a neighbor may head back to prisonment he was convicted in 2002 for the 1975 murder of
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there is evidence he did not commit the crime. >> and the killer. >> my client does not want me to say that. >> if you look at the evidence summarized by judge bishop t is clear. >> prosecutors want to reinstate the conviction. the ruling was not made today. crews are still searching for victims tonight, imagine this scene, the power plant exploded in england. they are sending out dogs to look for workers. there are three who are missing now. the plant is about 50 miles outside of the city of london. but you can see from the aerials here it was an incredible fire and explosion. a person died and five are hospitalized after the blast. it was on tuesday and left the
6:37 pm
pile of rubble. the it had been closed since 2013 and slated for demolition before the explosion. authorities in australia are looking to investigate a crane arm collapse there. you saw this earlier. amazing they caught it on camera. flames. they are shooting out of the crane before the arm fell down. here it is again. that's amazing. >> nobody was hurt. officials say there was a fire it may be to blame for the incident. to indiana now a man created a helicopter out of used metal sheets and car engines. how would you like to ride in that. >> no. >> this is india not indiana, the project has taken three years and cost $15,000. now he is just waiting for authorities to green light a flight. he says i comes from a poor background and dropped out of
6:38 pm
true for him. we wish him all the best. hope it flies. patrick on politics. why is ted cruz talking about sliced veal and frito corn chips. stop cutting deals with our freedom. >> he's not that's a dumb subtitle and bad tricksment how they are affecting the race in patrick on flicks. patrick on politics. crazy. >> he is not crazy they want a special i'll give them a sp-fplt get chip on the phone. >> what is this?
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((mark--qd)) on this wednesday before super tuesday political editor craig patrick wants to sp on this wednesday craig patrick wants to talk about dirty tricks in campaigns. this week the ted cruz campaign may have pulled the dirtiest trick of the year. it is disturbing. >> they wanted us to believe that marco rubio would walk up to ted cruz's father and crash the bible and walk away. >> yes, sir. >> marco rubio pointed to the book and said you will find the answers in there but a subtitle made people think that you will not mind many answers in there. the old bad lip reading sthick. >> maybe stick around we can sweep together. >> stick around and we can sleep
6:42 pm
>> anyone can do that. >> a subtitle can look like marco rubio is bragging about hillary clinton's qualifications, she is disqualified from being commander in commander-in-chief >> stop cutting deals with our freedoms. >> and they are nothing new. just remember water gate or look up santorum on google. >> don't google. >> don't google him the critics turned it into something not safe at work. >> they thought they would be a big joke to make money of my name. and pulling the tricks in one one month it is not good. >> first the camp tricked carson voters into making theming this he quit. these are the messages.
6:43 pm
>> this is a problem for cruz because it undercuts the message, we are from the start running a campaign where we're taking the high road. >> it plays into the claims that cruz is dishonest. this guy cruz lies more than any human being i have ever dealt with. >> and when marco rubio piles on and cruz strikes back at marco rubio you get them fighting for second place. it is right into trump's hand. >> i never heard a politician call another aliar. >> cruz fired his spokesperson for claiming he knocked it. >> this was an error of judgment. >> the staff will run a clean campaign but dirty tricks may have cost him. it makes him look bad at a bad time for him. 11 states will weigh in.
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donald trump could turn out the lights. >> no get those lights off. off. turn off the lights! turn off the lights! >> why would anyone fall to the ground in over 100 miles an
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come back new. you know lately we have been having paul dellegatto read the lottery numbers maybe we have him chime in. how would he read this. they close higher. >> they're wrong the market was up today. >> there you go. >> really? >> really. >> it is they should be green not red. >> see. >> that's true. >> the information we have the dow climbed. he is right. >> we have it. >> the colors that are wrong the numbers are correct that's what we figured out. the dow climbing 5 3 after the rebound. the nasdaq is up. we have it right in the script by 39 and the s&p e johnson and johnson has been offeredderred
6:48 pm
who died of ovarian cancer a jury ruled that the 62-year-old jackie fox's cancer was caused by the powder. and the family said she used the powder every day for 50 years and the family said they knew the risks that the powder presented but did not make it known to their consumers. >> her fight watts for not just for her but so many other women. that's why i continue this fight. >> the truth has come to light. the jury exposed the conduct of johnson and johnson and made known the fact that the powders does cause ovarian cancer. it has been known by the industry but they have hidden the truth. >> the case is part of a lawsuit brought by 50 women.
6:49 pm
>> we put that on babies. we're fog to hear about that for sure. >> indeed. >> paul. i know what a morning we had and afternoon really. >> and now the nice thing is that we can rest for another 5 to 7 days. cool nights. chilly and cool days. then another 7 to 10 days down the road. i don't think el nino is done yet. the second half of next week. it looks good. changes today. we watched bands of rain roll in. we're tracking them all day long. heaviest weather was mainly south. not a single storm or tornado warning in the bay area. we had one warning for a cell that was over the green swamp in polk county. that was a tornado not confirmed. and near duette.
6:50 pm
the other day the breaks in the overcast. there will be clouds from the gulf for a time. the prospects for precipitation between now and the middle of next week are pretty much zero. you have rain near lake placid and palmdale and near labelle that is east and southeast. the rain is just about done. naples. showers across the ever glades. things are moving southeast. the front. watching the action out in north carolina. and multiple severe storm and tornado tornado. some heading for the chesapeake. awful evening in dc. that's bad with the storms and the traffic and the heavy rain. the lightning what a mess. central pennsylvania heading into philadelphia.
6:51 pm
here is the front. abrupt shift in the winds. and turns colder on the backside of the front. now we have 60s around tampa bay and low 70s as you head south. the dew points. south they are holding in the 60s and the 70s. northwest and all about the wind direction. winds in fort myers. and sebring and vero around the bay area that indicates the front has gone by. it will slide south. 65 or so. we drop to 62 at 10:00. 8 a.m. 54 degrees. the front goes by tonight. cooler add breezy. and many days of sunshine as the storm moves up over new england and out in the gulf of maine. high pressure is west of us. the high terrorists -- drifts
6:52 pm
30s north. sunshine during the day. mild weekend. you know how good it was. this one can be just as good. how about that. two weekends in a row. 66. dew point west-northwest at 16. tonight we're in the 40s and the 50s. tomorrow we'll have highs ins 60s. here is the forecast for tonight. any showers ending. clearing, breezy and cooler. we're down to 52 a beautiful day. lots of sunshine. windy during the day from the storm heading northeast. cooler only in the mid-60s. we stay in the 60s. the unshine and cool but nice day the 7-day forecast locked in. dry and cool the weekend is going to be outstanding. rain second half. back to you, thank you. web we come back.
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3 it's no feat to brag about... but some bay tonight it is nothing to brag about but hospitals are seeing a record number of flu parents in the er. the hard hit areas and what you
6:56 pm
a decision that one couple expecting, a decision they made. back to you guys. >> thank you. >> film with a powerful message is changing the lives of two university of tampa students. the movie they produced is having impact and it is what's right with tampa bay. [music] , we go to your house. >> the students are all smiles after becoming one of four university of tampa winners in campus movie fest. >> i was shocked. i was shaking the entire time. >> i'm happy this is you a sideline. >> this is great. >> it is a national college competition to challenge students to create short films. they get a week to write, shoot and edit the video. the contest is free. we have a concept that resonated. >> and it started in 2001. and the movie was one of those selected by the contest that had
6:57 pm
the subject matter was bullying. >> the film we show he is getting text messages that are very nasty and we want people to remember that they are hidden behind a screen they have to be careful about what they are saying, the video is based on their own life experiences. >> words you heard i have been through it. my friend has been through it. many other people have been through it. >> they're happy the message was well received. >> the fact that people understood what we were getting at that means a lot, they and the others will compete in the nationals later this year. >> we hope it is like maybe world wide. >> it is building upon itself and it is a cool experience. >> an experience they hope will have a lasting impact on them and their peers. >> how cool is that, they made it to the top.
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best. >> we're on facebook, twitter and instagram.
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>> today on "tmz" -- harvey: ok. by the way, these are kanye's words, not mine. >> i don't play like that! >> it kind of makes you think there's some reason he can't let go of it. >> this is yo gotti's party. this is his album release. why is kanye speaking for like 20 minutes? harvey: it's like hey, kanye, go out to the parking lot and tell every car that goes by. and then stick a finger up my ass! up my ass! >> full-on air between ciara and future. yesterday dodger stadium totally empty except russell wilson, ciara and baby future. >> what's the problem with this, though? harvey: you're just inciting the father.


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